Social Media Security & Cyber Security Training

Hackers are using social media to infiltrate an organization’s network systems and steal valuable trade secrets and intellectual property. These kinds of attacks go beyond stealing passwords, social engineering – where cyber thieves pose as a friend to obtain answers that can give them open access to company’s secrets, and improving malware to make it even more infectious. Hackers are now building sophisticated tools to launch unprecedented attacks through social media. What’s at stake? Your organization’s reputation, ability to continue business operations, and potentially your job could be at risk without proper measures.

Learn to defend your organization from this new wave of social networking & cybersecurity attacks. Become more expert in building a strong defense strategy that will secure your organization’s continuity.

These comprehensive and industry leading social media and cybersecurity training courses were originally co-designed by military experts and information security Ph.D. researchers. They apply to all industries and technologies in the private, public and government sectors.