Security Awareness

About This Course
In today’s organizational environment, almost every role involves working with computers in some manner. Recent events indicate that security breaches can happen with almost any computer user, at home or office. This course is intended to provide you with an introduction to common security threats and issues, as well as ways to counter-act them.

Practically every organization has an Information Technology (IT) security plan in place. These plans can vary widely from organization to organization, and can cost many thousands to implement and maintain. One thing is constant across almost all these plans: employees who are not members of the IT department must be considered an integral part of the security plan. Without the cooperation and efforts of the employees, keeping information and resources safe from security breaches is an insurmountable task.

For the most part, gaining awareness of potential security issues (and implementing measures that can be used to counteract them) enables employees to be confident that they are fulfilling their roles in the organization’s IT security plan and are, thereby, maintaining their organization’s overall health by preventing:

• Theft, whether of services, intellectual property, or identity. • Increased costs, whether due to additional labor, repair, or recovery of information.

• Damage to the organization’s professional reputation.

Course Description

Target Student – This course is intended for end users and management who use computers at home or in the office.

Course Prerequisites – Students should understand fundamental computer concepts, such as how to run applications, manage files, and use a web browser.

Course Content – Copyright laws, viruses, liability and Email Etiquette. Even though content may be adjusted to a degree to suit the student audience needs such topics as:

  • Effective ways of communicating
  • Avoiding violating copyright laws.
  • Proper caution while attaching or downloading files
  • Recognizing potential virus activity.
  • Copyright infringement.

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