About Theodore Henderson

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 6.05.01 PMBest Selling Author, Social Media Security Professional, Leadership & Business Coach, Award – Winning Speaker

Henderson holds a Social Media Security Professional (SMSP) Certification powered by CompTIA. Theodore is also the author of “30 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself From Cyber Criminals” as well as works on other types of social media and cyber attacks.

The Social Media Security Professional (SMSP) Certification attests to individual’s knowledge of social networking channels and the risks these pose on the security posture of an organization. SMSP professionals have the skills necessary to work with organizations IT department to identify potential attacks and guard sensitive information from social media hackers, and, in the event of a breach, have tools to quickly respond to security incidents. SMSPs have proven competency to help guide organization’s social media personnel security policy. Certified SMSPs are the organization’s first line of defense from social media security attacks.

As can be seen at www.SocialMediaSecurityTraining.com he has created several complimentary video, audio, and action guides as well as the SMCS blog (Social Media Cyber Security), all are designed to help you and your organization become better informed about the threats that may be present in social media and other cyber activities.

Henderson holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, concentrating in Finance and Information Systems from the New York Institute of Technology as well as more than twenty years of success in technology sales and sales management. In addition he has extensive training and certifications in the areas of leadership, social media & mobile security, business planning, and career strategies.

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